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109 years of


Welcome to the Neath Hotel, a classic Australian hotel with an emotional history for local ANZAC and mining families.


We aim to keep the hotel as close to original condition as we can so you can experience a little of our historic Australian pub culture.


In the early 20th century, hotels like Neath Hotel were the heartbeat of their community, and were one of the main source of lodging, meals and professional networking for working class towns. 


The Neath Hotel is known nationwide as the home of the miner's lamp. Many stories, poems and songs have been written about this hotel, its ghosts, and Harry's lamp.

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Eat & Drink

Enjoy a drink the Miner's Lamp Bar and hear the story of Harry Littlefair or enjoy a meal in Harry's Bistro

Miner's Lamp Bar

Opening Hours

11.00am - late


Open 7 days a week


Harry's Bistro






Open 7 days a week

Daily Meal Deals


Chicken Schnitzel, Chips & Salad



Ribs & Rumps With Salad & Chips


Bistro Menu

Climate Control

The Neath Hotel is heritage listed and as a result we cannot alter the building so much to install central climate control or offer you ensuites in your rooms. You will find a fan, a heater and blankets in your cupboard if you need them. We hope you have a comfortable stay and enjoy the ambience of the historical environment. 

Getting around Wine Country

Jump on a wine tour or grab a local cab to get around wine country safely. For concert goers, Rover Coaches delivers our hotel guests to and from the larger concert venues in the area. The service requires advance booking but occasionally you can get a last minute ticket.

Wine Country Taxis

Diggers Maitland and Kurri Taxis

Rover Coaches

(02) 4990 1111

(02) 4032 7999

(02) 4990 1699

Late night hotel entry

The hotel is locked securely at night. Night access is available through the front Accomodation door on Cessnock Road. You will recognise the door by the security keypad next to the handle. We recommend you screenshot this section for quick reference.


Touch keypad to activate


Punch in the four numbers you see randomly to activate next keypad


On the next keypad, key in today's code to unlock the security door

CODE: 3333

Black Background

The home of the Miner's Lamp...

Poppy Wall


The Miner's Lamp is deeply embedded in local history, culture and folklore.


In 1915, a young and much loved local coal miner stopped in for a final ale before shipping out to WW1. Leaving his lamp in the safe hands of the publican until his return.


Sadly, he was killed in action and 108 years later, his lamp remains on a shelf above the bar waiting for his return and has become a local symbol of the ANZACs.


The hotel hosts a large ceremony every ANZAC Day followed by a raucous game of 2up to celebrate the lives of the young local coal miner's who fought for their country.


You can view the lamp and read Harry's full story in the public bar.


Don't miss out. Secure your table in Harr'ys Bistro now!

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